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Outlook – enable “Out of Office”

It is already possible to enable the “Out of Office“ automatic reply for a future time period – this helps us a lot not to forget it.

We just need to be careful to enable it for your organization, and also for people outside your organization.





    1.    MenuFile Info Automatic Replies



    2.   To enable it, choose Send automatic replies

    We can define a future date. This helps us to plan ahead.


    I choose very simple texts, easy and fast to read and understand. With only the critical information. Long texts or multiple choices makes other people loose time with irrelevant data!



    It is important to remember that the time zone in other countries is different from ours, especially with those we work more often. Therefore, I choose as starting time some hours before my actual start.


    1.     Remember that we need to enable the option also for people outside the organization. Text can be different. By default, Outlook excludes those people.

    2.   The Email Signature is not applied by Outlook. We have to copy and paste it in the textbox.



    3. While “Out of Office” is enabled, A yellow ribbon shows up on the top remembering it.


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