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Outlook: Group Emails with same Subject in one virtual tree

+ groups all emails with one single click
+ includes all our sent emails – we can see right away our replies to each email
+ it shows emails saved in other folders
+ when moving the tree, it will move the emails present in that folder to the new folder .
    (it will not touch the emails already saved in other folders!)
+ it can be applied in each folder separately, or to the complete Archive


    1-     Menu: View – click on “Show as Conversation”

    2-     Options available in “Conversation Settings”

    a.      …from other Folders

    b.      …Senders Above – it will show the sender above each email

    c.      Always Expand … –  just click the message or the mini-triangle and the tree will open

    d.      …Classic View – show the forks of emails to other flows
    (But I do not like it, because the order of emails is inverted: oldest on top, newest on bottom!)


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