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Windows: Copy - Paste – Undo - Rename with keyboard shortcuts

There are some keyboard shortcuts, which I use frequently and are very useful.

Copy files from one place to the other it works in almost any imaginable situation,
even when these commands are not visible to use with a mouse.



      Location of the Ctrl key (German keyboards: Strg)


      Ctrl + C

       Ctrl +  C


      Ctrl + V

       Ctrl +  V



      Ctrl + X

       Ctrl +  X


      Cut / Move (Copy and then deletes at the origin)

      Ctrl + Z

       Ctrl +  Z


      Undo last action

      Here is an example of a seemingly impossible situation: copy a file from a Dialog Window to File Explorer – see next page:


      Þ On the left we have the Dialog Window from MS Word, when we are looking for a file to open.
      Þ On the right we have the Windows File Explorer


      1. In MS Word, Menu – File – Open

      2. Open a File Explorer window

      3. In Dialog Window, select a file with the mouse, and then copy it with the shortcut Ctrl + C (or cut it with Ctrl + X to move it)
      (these options do not even seem to be available)

      4. Paste the file in Explorer with Ctrl +V.

      5. The Dialog Window is still open. We can continue to work in MS Word



      Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V

      We can also do this Copy – Paste of files directly inside the Dialog WIndow of MS Word, from a folder to another.

      Þ Imagine now that I used Ctrl + X to move a file, and after pasting it in the new folder … aaaahhhh, mistake!

      I moved the wrong file!! I need to come back! What now??

      Use Ctrl + Z to undo this last action. The file returns to the original folder. YES ! ! Ctrl+Z works to undo file Copy / Cut – Paste ! !


      And it also works when the file is deleted, to recover it promptly!
      (when the file is sent to the Recycle bin)


      Þ At the end, after all these operations, to rename the file, I use the key F2 which is the quickest method!



      Rename / change filename

      Do try this! 

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