Origami - Separador Introduction   
Since the first centuries A.D., when paper was invented in China, Man forms shapes by simply folding a sheet of paper.
In the 6th century A.D., Buddhist Chinese munchs took this form of art into Japan, where it became a truly ancestral art. The Origami term comes from two Japanese words: "oru" (to fold) and "kami" (paper).
There are no limit bounds which allow to tell us what "is" and what "is not" Origami: any folded piece of paper, from which one can recognize a specific form, can be considered Origami.
Traditionally one used and still uses a square sheet of paper in Origami. However this is not obligatory... many people use paper sheets of n-sides. A well-known method is to use dollar bills!
The European Origami is a bit different than the japanese one. The japanese Origami is faced as a Tradition and an Amusement. In Europe, it is rather seen as a Challenge.
Thus, the European gold rule is...


As long as you don't glue or cut, your imagination is your limit!

Here are some othe not so usual uses for Origami...

... why not offer a tridimensional postcard to someone special!?..

A cat... som fish!... (what a good meal!) :D




It's possible to imagine stories where the paper is the leading force! The photo shows one of those moments of plain succesit's also possible to imagine stories where paper ist the leading force!

Here are such moments of success!... ;-)

For the wedding of a special friend, I folded butterflies in various Euro-bills.


a dolphin...





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