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Wrapping boxes are one of the traditional uses of Origami.

A nice wrapping box has as its only building material one single sheet of paper, without any cuts or glueing.

The gift is put inside the wrapping box, and in most of the cases the object will not fall off - even when upside down.



Origami - Embrulho flor

To open this model, simply pull its ends away; it will unfold completely.

Small sheets of paper (up to 15 cm) are preferred.

The curl on top of the baket has the shape of a rose - therefore Rose Basket.

The papercolor should be pink and white - or variations - so that the desired effect rises out.

This paperbasket wasn't created in a single day; it took me several weeks to "improve" its folds.

The big problem were the first folds - they were in Pureland mode! This technique (only) uses non-geometric folds, which I dislike!

That's why I had to put it aside to rethink it...

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