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What's this?

Windows has a lot of tricks, which can ease a lot our work, increasing performance and saving.

There are tricks which veeeery helpful for me, therefore I create some recipees to share among friends and colleagues.
To learn each of the tricks very well, I advise to read and learn each trick and apply it day-by-day. Come back once a month to learn another trick. It is the best way to do it.

Necessary knowledge: basic ! (and a bit of attention :-)

Quick Access to folders - have a quick and direct access to the folders we use more often in Windows File Explore
Copy Paste Files - some keyboard shortcuts to work with files, even when these commands are not visible!


MS Office - Excel . Powerpoint

MS Office - generic

My own Ribbon - with the command I use more often. This way I do not have to search them every time, they are all in one place.








Internet Explorer - Outlook

Internet Explorer

Change search engine - to google or other.
Check the saved passwords - saved in the browser.



Group Emails with same Subject in one virtual tree
Enable “Out of Office“ automatic reply for a future time period. Be careful to enable it for both internal and also external senders of your organization.
Copy Folder structure
When the new year begins, if we want a new Archive with the same folder structure as the year before, without emails and files.