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Share some tricks ...

Windows has a lot of tricks, which can ease a lot our work, increasing performance and saving.

There are tricks which veeeery helpful for me, therefore I create some recipees to share among friends and colleagues.
To learn each of the tricks very well, I advise to read and learn each trick and apply it day-by-day. Come back once a month to learn another trick. It is the best way to do it.

Necessary knowledge: basic ! (and a bit of attention :-)


Put 2 windows side-by-side - I use it to compare or drag data between windows.

Confirm with spacebar - In windows where a confirmation is needed (OK; Ok - Cancel; Yes - No; etc.), using the space bar key is the fastest way.
Quick Access to folders - have a quick and direct access to the folders we use more often in Windows File Explore
Copy Paste Files - some keyboard shortcuts to work with files, even when these commands are not visible!

PDF - sign a document directly on the computer is super-easy

PDF - add a comment is easier than it looks
PDF - join several type of documents into a single pdf. Excel with PowerPoint with text with images with email with...

Moviemaker - reduce size of movies to to save space when sending them by email

Extend screen vertically When we connect our laptop to an external monitor, we are able to define the position of each screen


MS Office - Excel . Powerpoint . Teams

MS Teams

Tricks - I use during teleconferences, such as take screen photos and zoom & drag the screen.
Enter 2 Meetings - at once and participate in them

MS Office - generic

Change / Define text language - very useful especially when the texts are shown underlined in red.
My own Ribbon - with the command I use more often. This way I do not have to search them every time, they are all in one place.
OneNote: Get text from image - OneNote supports Character Recognition (OCR), which lets you copy text from a picture.


Internet Explorer - Outlook

Internet Explorer

Change search engine - to google or other.
Check the saved passwords - saved in the browser.



Group Emails with same Subject in one virtual tree
Enable “Out of Office“ automatic reply for a future time period. Be careful to enable it for both internal and also external senders of your organization.
Copy Folder structure
When the new year begins, if we want a new Archive with the same folder structure as the year before, without emails and files.